Concrete Building Base

We get it right first time round!.

Casting a concrete base is not as easy as you may think. Our trained installers have been completing concrete base for many years and to our exacting standards. Our prices are not the cheapest but cheap isn’t always best.

We use four different grades of concrete depending on your application. The concrete mix we use for concrete garage bases is P280 with fibre additives.

P250 (C25/30, RC25/30, ST2) Double story extension, Hard standing, shed base
P280 (C28/35, RC28/35, ST3, PAV 1) Hard standing industrial, structural footings, station bases, Raft foundations
P320 (C35/45, RC35/45, ST4, PAV 2, FND 2) Hard standing industrial heavy traffic, station bases, Raft foundations. Agricultural traffic (with air entrant and fibre), Form work
P340 (C40/50, RC40/50, ST4, FND 2) Heavy industrial, structural road work applications, Agricultural traffic (with air entrant and fibre), Form work

Concrete Bases

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