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Our help and support page is here to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our garden buildings. If theres something you need to know and the question or answer isnt here please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your requirements. Our office staff have a wealth of knowledge which they are ready to share with you.

Can I have a carport fitted onto a bungalow?

Yes as we can use additional wall brackets to increase the height of your structure.

Do I need planning permission to have an outbuilding or garage installed?

Most domestic building projects are normally well within the permitted developement guidelines for most councils. Please check these guidelines here 100806_PDforhouseholders_TechnicalGuidance

Are the sheds pretreated before delivery?

All Shaws for Sheds sheds and summerhouses are pretreated before delivery but will need to be treated with a long term timber stain like Cuprinol 5 year or Ronseal 5 year within 3 months of delivery. All bespoke sheds will not need to be treated until the following year again we would reccommend using one of the stains mentioned above.

What base do I need for my timber shed?

A timber shed only needs a slab base. You can use any kind of slabs whether they are second hand or new as long as your base is flat and level and the correct size for the building. You can either spot lay or screed lay your slabs. A concrete base is abit of an overkill for a timber shed but again if the base is flat and level it will be fine.

When can I book a site survey and what information so I need?

Firstly an idea of what building type and size you are looking is the main thing. You can then either call or email us with this information or you can request a booklet to be sent out to you. When we have given you an estimated price for the work and you are happy with this we can take the order and book a site survey. This is free of charge and if the site is not suitable a full refund will be given of any deposits paid.

How to I maintain my concrete building?

Please check out the Care and Maintenance section by clicking here as this will explain how to correctly care for and maintain your concrete building.

Can I drill my concrete building panels to add shelving brackets or to make an access hole for electrics.

No as this will invalidate your warranty. You can buy lining clips or timber battens from us for shelving and brackets and you will need to go up the wall and through the vent holes in the roof with a power cable. We can provide advice on what is the best way to do this.

What base do I need for a concrete building?

A concrete base is essential for all concrete buildings. Although they can be fitted straight onto tarmac we can not give them the same guarantee as one fitted to a concrete base. If you base is flat, level, square and free from cracks this will be fine for a concrete building. We would alway reccommend you have a new building fitted for your new building to prolong its life span.

Can you apply for planning permission for me?

Yes. We charge a standard non-refundable fee of £250.00 plus council planning fees. This covers a basic building drawing (concrete buildings only) and for us to handle the planning application for you.

Can I have a concrete outbuilding fitted anywhere in my garden?

Yes providing you are within your own boundrys and your building is not to be positioned forward of the front facing elevation of the house, not over 30M square in size and 2.5M or below in height and all other permitted developement conditions have been met.

Who do I call if I want to make a payment for a concrete building?

As your guarantee is held with Lidget Compton for your concrete building you will need to contact their office to make payment or repoart any problems. Their contact number is 01709 881844 or sales@lidget.co.uk.

What should I concider before having a concrete building fitted?

The main thing you need to think about is access. If there is no access to rear garden then we will be unable to supply you with a concrete building without additional fees for delivery. We charge a standard fee of £250.00 to carry a building from the front of your property to the rear and an additional fee of £300.00 to lay a concrete base. You will also have to sign a damage waiver before work can start.

How do I maintain my timber building?

Timber buildings always require allot of care and maintenance. You will need to treat your timber building one every 9-12 months with a good timber stain, change the roofing felt when the green or grey mineral is wearing away and also grease the hinges and lock when required. If you dont keep up with maintenance of your building it will not last any longer then 3 years maximum.

Can I insulate and board my building?

Yes. Although its not an easy task it can be done. We normally use Kingspan for thermal insulation and Earthwool for insulation and sound proofing as Earthwool has both insulating and sound proofing properties. The can then be covered over with plasterboard or Sterling board. Please contact us today for a quote on this work.

Sound proofing

Although we can line and insulate your building with an insulation with sound proofing qualites we can not make a concrete building completly sound proof. You need to concider the volume in which your music is played at, the viration from speakers and also how many windows are on the building. If you are looking for a soundproof studio then you will need to specify this prior to ordering so we can establish exactly what materials you wish us to use.

What is a summerhouse?

What is a summerhouse?

A summerhouse is a roofed shelter used for spending more time in the garden. They provide a durable base and most are useable all year-round, extending your home’s living space. Typically the structure is a single space with one entrance, doors, solid sheet roof and floor, wooden walls and glazed windows. Some summerhouses have porch steps, a veranda or canopies that extend to the front. Larger designs are styled like traditional log cabins and are ideal as an extra dining room or lounge.

Can I cast my own concrete base for a garage?

Yes you can but we would suggest you have a trusted verified contactor do it for you. This is something offer as part of our services so please enquire about prices.

Will I be charged if my concrete base is unsuitable?

Please note if you cast your own concrete base (not have us to do it for you) you will be responsible to completing a help the driver form and base completion form. On this form you will need to declare all information about your base. If when we come to fit your building your base is not suitable and you have delcared it is we reserve the right to charge you a minimum fee of £250.00 for a cancelled visit and will drop the building at the nearest safe location to return when the base issue has been rectified. Full terms and conditions relating to this can be found online.

How do I pay for my Shaws for Sheds shed?

You firstly pay a 15% deposit to us at Leicester Sectional Building by cash or card. To pay the remaining balance you can do any of the following.

Pay by card – To pay by card you need to do so 1 day prior to delivery by calling 01709821110

Pay by cash – On the day of delivery directly to the drivers

Pay by cheque – On the day of delivery directly to the drivers – MADE PAYABLE TO SHAWS FOR SHEDS LTD

What can I use my summerhouse for?

As a functional space, they can be adapted for commercial use as an outdoor extension to a business or venue. Smaller models can be easily constructed and used at local markets, trade shows or community festivals.

Once you have selected the right style for you, there are many practical ways to use the summerhouse:

Workshop or tool shed

The open plan space in larger summerhouses is ideal for working on DIY projects or craft hobbies. A summerhouse can easily be modified to provide a safe and comfortable environment for using and storing tools – add a workbench and some tool racks to keep everything tidy. If you want use a summerhouse/shed combination to cultivate your garden, make sure there’s plenty of shelving for plant pots and think about other accessories like fabric garden tidies for seed storage.


Summerhouses make excellent home offices away from household distractions. Link up your summerhouse to your electricity supply and WiFi internet access, install a roomy desk, wall art and some file storage and you have a quiet hideaway for creativity.

Garden storage

An outdoor cabin will provide space to take the pressure off your living areas within the house and give you additional winter storage. Ready-waterproofed models or those which have been painted with a waterproof top coat have the ideal conditions for long-term storage of things like bikes, children’s toys and garden seating.

Outdoor dining

A summerhouse is an ideal venue for dining in the summer sunshine or as the focus for a celebration. Look for models with large, opening windows and plenty of space for a dinner table. Partner with a barbecue set and you have all you need for summer entertaining.

Children’s outdoor play

Young children will be happy playing in the garden with shade provided on a sunny day and somewhere on-hand to store their balls and outdoor play sets. Fun summer houses can be well-stocked with equipment like trampolines, picnic sets and table-tennis tables to bring out when the weather is fine.

Does the price of my building include the base?

The concrete or slab building base is in addition to the building price.

Could my concrete building be used as living accomodation?

Our concrete buildings are designed to safe secure outbuildings. You can line and insulate your building for use as a day to day office, man cave or utillity room but we would not reccommend you use this space as a full time kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom.

Could I use my timber building as additional living space?

Our timber buildings are designed to safe secure outbuildings. You can line and insulate your building for use as a day to day office, man cave or utillity room but we would not reccommend you use this space as a full time kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom.